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The Good Ol’ Days of Labor Strikes

If it seems like it’s been a really long time since anyone has seen a good labor strike, that’s because it has been. Here’s some charts that show just how dramatic and how long it’s been since Labor Strikes have … Continue reading

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The Future Shrinking Supply of Fire Fighters

While I work on Slutsky’s Labor Supply model for my “Slave Wage” paper, the model never addresses “other” motivators for working; such as having a pension at the end of a career. Enter Detroit and the slew of fire fighters … Continue reading

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The Sociology & Macroeconomics of Poopy Diapers

I’m remembering (fondly) Dr. Paul Krugman’s book “End This Depression Now”, as I read this story about a study of poor single parents in America not being able to afford diapers. According to the Johns Hopkins study, not being able … Continue reading

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McMinimum Wage (Self Indulgent)

I’m actually working on raw numbers to tie slavery to Economics for a journal article, with the idea that it’s not the AMOUNT of wages people earn but the socioeconomic effects that determines if “slave” conditions exist. And then I … Continue reading

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Poverty is an Equal Opportunity Discriminator

Statistics don’t always give us a complete picture of Social Facts. Sometimes they give us unique angles to look at Social Facts. So is a recent survey by the Associated Press that says 80% of Americans are financially insecure. The … Continue reading

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The Rich Guy’s Stigma and Derp

I have nothing against rich guys (or gals). I’ve known a few over the years. Some were good and some were bad. I certainly have nothing against Capitalism other than it needs tweaking (and regulation) to make it equal for … Continue reading

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Karl Marx & the Great Beyond

I peruse through the many Grad School catalogs that end up in my inbox when I have nothing better to do, As a Sociology guy focused on Political Economy, I notice that Economics Departments have one big thing in common … Continue reading

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