Birthday BLS

In the aftermath of my 45th Birthday, I have moved into a new BLS demographic: the coveted 45-54 age range, which just about everyone uses for measuring socioeconomic things. Here’s some things that I’m facing as part of that new demographic:

  • I’m part of the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users.
  • If I get hurt on the job, I’m most likely to have the largest wage loss (it takes longer to recover now).
  • I am LEAST likely to be hired if unemployed
  • I will consume the most bottled water than any other age group
  • Should I get HIV, I have the best chances of getting care
  • 40% of us are likely to own a smartphone (I have an iPhone)
  • I am now (officially) LESS likely to own a tablet
  • I am in the demographic that consumes the LEAST Maple Syrup (it only goes up from here, so I better start budgeting for my old age Maple Syrup consumption)

While BLS usually stands for Bureau of Labor Statistics, I’m finding it can mean just about anything at this point. It could stand for “Better Living Standards” – especially with my impending maple syrup cravings.

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