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Wheelbarrows Full of Cash: The New Housing Market

RealtyTrac the database for all things real estate in the U.S. came out with it’s August report showing a new problem: 45% of people buying houses today are doing it wheelbarrows full of cash – in other words, pure cash … Continue reading

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Credit Is Not Wealth: The “Christmas Club” Edition

Amongst other things, Paul Krugman worries that we cannot grow the economy without credit as a stimulus for aggregate demand. It’s a reasonable worry given that people are just financially tapped out. To show my theory of just how tapped … Continue reading

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Why Worry About Walmart?

Walmart has an overstock of inventory, and this is a really, really bad indicator of the economy and socioeconomics. As a result, Walmart is doing something that it has never done, not even in the middle of the financial collapse; … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Nothing: Oh SNAP!

C. Wright Mills said that sometimes it’s not what the politicians do, but sometimes it’s what they DON’T do that matters. A couple of Harvard Economists have published a paper (PDF), detangling SNAP (food stamp) policy from the business cycle; … Continue reading

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For Wall Street, It’s “Bubble-icious”

Today, I was discussing the skyrocketing stock market in the backdrop of near-depression macroeconomics and macro social problems. I said, like everyone else, that it could be a sign of financial bubble – a really big one. I was taken … Continue reading

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The Idea of GDP Growth With Everyone Jobless

Sometimes it’s not easy being right. Last month, I had a debate with a colleague, where my argument was that the GDP forecast would be dropping soon. His position was something like: “Well, the Fed says 2.6%” – so it … Continue reading

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Obamacare and the Real End of the Economy

So there are an awful lot of people (mostly in red states) that hate Obamacare, from Congress to health care workers. They would rather keep the current health system. How’s that working out for us? (Click for larger images) All … Continue reading

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