The Social Facts of the Labor Market: The Labor Day Edition (lots of charts)

Rather than crunching wonky numbers, or pontificate on Theory, for Labor Day, I thought I’d just present a group of charts – unfiltered, unmanipulated, uncensored and un-cherry-picked; to give the true picture of the Labor Market today. All data is from FRED and the BLS.

Number of people who stopped looking for work because no one would hire them (separated by gender because that’s what FRED does):


The number of people with Part TIme jobs because that’s all they could get:

part time economic reasons

The ratio of people with jobs compared to the rest of the population


Index of people working TWO part time jobs instead of a full time one:

part time

Number of Temp Employees who’s “temp” assignment was terminated:

Temp U3

The number of total employment in temps (x1000):


The number of Labor Strikes since 1976:

Total strikes

Happy Labor Day!!

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