The Makers and the Takers – South Carolina Edition

There’s an interesting article in the Washington Times about how the South Carolina legislature is literally trying to outlaw the Affordable Care Act. Let’s forget about South Carolina refusing to take federal subsides for health care for a minute, because here, there is an end game (more on that in a minute).

What’s interesting is that the GOP Governor is claiming 2 things: that Obamacare adds to debt, even though we’ve pretty much proved that it doesn’t. The other claim is that it forces people in South Carolina into that god awful state of actually having health care.

So if South Carolina does not want to be the “takers”, then they must be the “makers”, right? They must be for the “job creators” (who never actually create jobs), right? Wrong!

Because of the government shutdown, the Department of Commerce Data is offline. However, I was able to get 2007 data. Here’s South Carolina’s contribution to “wealth creation” in relation to the overall economy before the recession:


We all know that things have been infinitely worse for “wealth creation” in the south since 2008. South Carolina hasn’t contributed much of anything to the economy – probably since the Civil War, though I’m not up to proving that with historical data (yet).

Oh yeah – and South Carolina has one of the lowest per capita GDPs, lowest median incomes, lowest education rates, lowest health services, and ad nausium on the “lowest” levels.

Regardless of whether or not it’s actually Constitutional for South Carolina to outlaw Obamacare (I suspect that it is not), the end game seems to be this: Break Obamacare by refusing Federal Subsidies, outlaw it, and then say that it doesn’t work.

If South Carolina doesn’t want to be the “takers”, then the least they could do is be the “makers” for the good of their own people.

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