What Taking A Nation Hostage Gets You

The Government shutdown is over (for now) and the debt ceiling apocalypse is delayed by at least 3 months. here’s a list of demands that the GOP made, versus what they got:

  1. Defund Obamacare
  2. Delay Obamacare
  3. Delay the Individual Mandate
  4. Deny Health Care to the President
  5. Deny healthcare to the Cabinet
  6. Deny healthcare to Congressional staffers
  7. Deny birth control coverage
  8. Approve the Keystone oil pipeline
  9. Means-test Medicare
  10. Reduce Federal Employee Pensions
  11. Expand Oil Drilling
  12. Tort Reform
  13. Weaken regulations for coal-fired power plants
  14. Tax code reform
  15. Reduce Environmental Regulations
  16. Repeal medical device tax
  17. Change rules on debt ceiling

And what they got? NOTHING.

George Homans would be spinning in his grave about now; Exchange Theory didn’t work for the GOP.

There’s some press noise about how the Tea Party is all but a faded memory now. But not so fast! Just like the Antebellum South, there’s a lot of economic interests at stake, under the guise of “state’s rights.” It isn’t over until Jefferson Davis sings, and he hasn’t even warmed up yet.

Because in that list of demands that were never met, Obamacare only accounts for a portion of that agenda. I’m sorry to say that this shutdown was only a symptom of a greater pathology.

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