The Debt and Spending Lie

The GOP and Tea Party likes to cite runaway debt and spending as their cause. Except it just doesn’t exist.

The proof: Spending overall is down over $450 Billion dollars from 2008. And the biggest jump in spending since 1960 was during the Bush years.


The way the GOP and Tea Party sound, they portray a country that borrows and spends. That isn’t true either. When we look at the ratio of spending over debt, it looks like this:

Spending vs debt

As Ratios go, anything over 1.0 is officially “borrow and spend”. Again, borrowing and spending as ratios were below 1.0 during Clinton, and go above 1.0 during the Bush years.

Currently, for every dollar of debt, we’re only spending 65 cents – the lowest level since 1965!

Some time ago, I read a book by Al Franken (I loved him on Saturday Night Live!) titled: “Lies, and the Lying Liars That Tell Them.” I was entertained by the lies that politicians tell. 10 years later, I’m just irritated that no one in the press is talking about this massive lie of borrow & spend from the “radical right”.

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