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Vindication is Not So Sweet

Back in September, I wrote about an argument I was having with a colleague over GDP growth forecasting for 2013. My colleague said that GDP growth would be 2.6% (with the Fed projecting 2.8%). I said we would hit around … Continue reading

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Class Consciousness

One of the problems for Sociologists analyzing social data is that people tend to “false report” when surveyed. One perfect example is that people tend to put themselves into a higher socioeconomic status than what they are really in. People … Continue reading

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Mobility verses Inequality

Politicians both on the left and right are at it again, posing that income inequality is not the problem, but rather socioeconomic mobility is the real problem. As this paper (PDF) proves, they are the same thing. Sociologists have known … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity Social Trauma

Robert Reich, President Clinton’s former Labor Secretary, and current political economist at U.C. Berkeley does a pretty good job at skewering David Brooks on separating income inequality from the rest of the “social issues.” Ezra Klein made the same mistake … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King: “I have a – sale?”

The traditional morning check of my email revealed an ad from my local pizza shop, offering me a large pizza for half-price in celebration of Martin Luther King Day. Then, reading the local news channel at WGRZ in Buffalo, NY … Continue reading

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Canada’s State-Stable Economic System

Back in December 2013, I gave a presentation of Native American/First Nations Socioeconomics (prelude to that paper here), where I claimed that First Nations use a state-stable economic system. This is where upper limits are placed on consumption for the … Continue reading

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The Real Hunger Games: Hospital Bread Lines

When we hear about masses of people going hungry, one of the images that may pop into our minds are breadlines. However, a recent paper from a group of Professors at U.C. San Francisco shows that the new bread lines … Continue reading

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