The Real Hunger Games: Hospital Bread Lines

When we hear about masses of people going hungry, one of the images that may pop into our minds are breadlines. However, a recent paper from a group of Professors at U.C. San Francisco shows that the new bread lines may be forming in area hospitals.

The study shows that low-income diabetics receiving food stamps cannot make it until the end of the month, and as a result, are hospitalized with hypoglycemia; a side effect from having insulin, but no food. This almost exclusively happens with low-income diabetics, and largely at the end of every month, when food is the most scarce for low-income people.  A factor analysis was run to rule out other things, and the results came back the same: low income diabetics have their lives in danger at the end of every month from lack of food (the redline):


Unlike the Dust Bowl days, one of the benefits that we have as a society is (mostly) free health care. The insulin needed to keep diabetics alive is readily available to people. The other thing to help keep diabetics alive – food – however is not.

I’m sure that there are some members of Congress that will insist that diabetics being hospitalized for lack of food, instead of getting off their mooching bums and getting a job, are just scamming the Obamacare system. Except that yes, they are getting free food in a hospital for a few days per month, as a physician has determined that this is what will keep them alive.

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