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Minimum Wage and the Smoke-Making Machine

Sometimes where there is smoke, especially in data, there is just a smoke making machine. Sometimes however, there is a raging fire inside a building that no one dare open the door to. Case in point is Janet Yellen’s dire … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Rants

It seem Paul Krugman is upset with Rick Santelli (and rightly so), founder of the Tea Party for continuing to rant about the wrong things. But it occurred to me that there is another rant from 2007 that no one … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Economics

Economist Paul Samuelson wrote an article in 1954 called the “Pure Theory of Public Expenditure” where he tries to model societal choices and culture into a mathematical equation. Then he blames Sociology when he can’t do it. This reminds me … Continue reading

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