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If Tar Sands Aren’t Sustainable Then Neither is Keystone

The Alberta Tar Sands in Canada that are creating all sorts of controversies in the U.S. over the building of the Keystone Pipeline are not sustainable, but for reasons few people think of. They are not economically sustainable. Consider this … Continue reading

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War is Economics by Other Means: Veteran’s/Remembrance Day 2014

During the Franco-Prussian War, German philosopher (and General) Carl von Clausewitz said: “War is politics by other means, and at it’s most violent.” There is nothing untrue about that statement, even in today’s world. However, the Franco-Prussian War, the short-lived … Continue reading

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Hunger Games: The Labor Edition

There is almost no question that the October employment numbers, when coupled with September, sets up a “Hunger Game,” where the under-employed are competing with the unemployed for available jobs. The “under-employed,” those working part time because they cannot find … Continue reading

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It Really Was the Economy, Stupid!

It turns out that the U.S. mid-term election really was about the economy. Now that the dust has settled, and everyone has thrown their two cents in, there’s one thing missing from all the analysis and speeches: the Economy. The … Continue reading

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