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Wage Slavery, Veterans, and Girl Scout Cookies

It seems unlikely that Wage Slavery, Veterans and Girls Scout cookies would go together, but I think that they do. USA Today reports that Ted Cruz’s grand idea to pay for services to Veterans who gave their lives in the … Continue reading

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That Socialist Country to the North

I’m still trying to convince a graduate student from Columbia that Canada is not a socialist country. There’s one property of socialism (literally) and one property only: the government owns private enterprise (or the “means of production” in Marx-esque terms). … Continue reading

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The Social Construct of Minimum Wage

The dirty little secret in both Sociology and Economics is that a “living wage” is a purely social construct. Everyone defines it differently, some based on arbitrary numbers, and many based on cultural norms and values.  The Economic Policy Institute, … Continue reading

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Baltimore: A City Near You (Committing Sociology)

The Justice Policy Institute (PDF) has put together some really interesting facts on Baltimore from Census data. While the facts are shocking to most (or at least should be), the fact not mentioned is that Baltimore is just like the east … Continue reading

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