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A Student Loan Is Not Student Aid

So far, the United States is up to $1.4 Trillion in total student loan debt. Yet student loans are considered “Financial Aid” by the U.S. Department of Education. This is money that students will repay later, with interest, with their … Continue reading

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Nation Companies

  The AP is reporting that Facebook is now worth more than Walmart at $382 Billion dollars. To put this into context, both Facebook and Walmart have a net worth greater than the GDP of Finland, Ireland and Portugal. Facebook is now … Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Failure: Racism by the Numbers

I don’t have much to add to the thought-provoking social discussion surrounding the tragedy in Charleston, S.C.; both the shootings and the Confederate Flag debate. Missing from all the discussions however is that racism is NOT just a matter of … Continue reading

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When Companies are Desperate to Hire, But Don’t (Stats Heavy)

What used to be an average of 15 days to hire workers for open jobs (2009) is now taking an average of 27 days (2015), at least according to one (selective) study in the Wall Street Journal. There’s some evidence … Continue reading

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The Theory of Theory (Theoretical)

While I re-read the theoretical magnum opus of C Wright Mills’ Sociological Imagination (simply because I can soak it in without academe distractions), Economist Noah Smith is on a Twitter tirade about the lack of new economic theory in modernity. … Continue reading

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The Super of the Super Powers

Over at Bloomberg View, Noah Smith cites the possibility that Canada has the ability to be the next great superpower., given its natural resources, political institutions and immigration system, if only Canada had a larger population. He does however, paint … Continue reading

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Debt Bubble Insanity: Part Deux

The CBC in Canada is wondering if using your home equity as an ATM machine is a bad thing. Perhaps they should ask any of the millions of homeowners in the United States who were told (or duped) by banks … Continue reading

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