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Toward a Sociology of Peace: The Goffman Effect (Stigma)

There were actually two books written about social stigma, and both had the main title “Stigma.” One has the subtitle: “Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity,” and the other had the subtitle: “How We Treat Outsiders.” The one that … Continue reading

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Sociology’s Need For An Identity Crisis

If Sociology (or at least North American Sociology) isn’t having an identity crisis by now, maybe it ought to think about having one. Like other disciplines, Sociology was blindsided by the election of Donald Trump. Unlike other disciplines however, Sociology … Continue reading

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Leaving Canada out of NAFTA Racializes Trade

With the absence of any mention of Canada from all NAFTA discourse, the idea of scrapping, or “renegotiating” NAFTA has become convincingly less about “trade” and more about the United States having problems with people with brown skin. This Politico … Continue reading

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Atomic Social Science: Post-Positivism versus Anti-Science (theoretical)

Sometimes in science you just have to use your imagination. In 1905 Albert Einstein published a paper about how atomic particles move through fluids and what happens to molecules when heat is applied. It was the invention of the term … Continue reading

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Toward bringing Science back into Social Science

Imagine upon Copernicus’ discovery based on observations that the Earth actually revolved around the sun, if to this day science declared that nothing actually revolved around anything. Yet this Social Science in the 21st Century continuously denies observable social facts, … Continue reading

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An Open letter to Milton Friedman

Dear Dr. Friedman, In 1994, you praised Hayek’s book The Road to Serfdom as a “manifesto – a call to arms against tyranny.” Prior to this, you also stated several times that you were advocating not for a 19th Centruy … Continue reading

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Homo Economicus and the fail of Sociology

What if I said that there existed a person, that had no race, no gender, was perfectly rational, perfectly efficient, and has all necessary information to function & thrive in this world? This person also was impervious to society, family, … Continue reading

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