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Quantitative Literacy: The Philosophy of Math (no math required)

As a society, I think we’ve all been conditioned to think of anything mathematical as “truth.” After all, if I have 2 apples, and I eat one, then I only have 1 apple left. Who could argue with that as … Continue reading

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The Statistical Significance of Statistics

There’s been a lot sparking between some sociologists and economists about the value of the “p-value” in econometric/regression analysis. Noah Smith points out that even the field of Psychology has declared open season on statistical p-values. One missing thing from … Continue reading

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A Student Loan Is Not Student Aid

So far, the United States is up to $1.4 Trillion in total student loan debt. Yet student loans are considered “Financial Aid” by the U.S. Department of Education. This is money that students will repay later, with interest, with their … Continue reading

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When Companies are Desperate to Hire, But Don’t (Stats Heavy)

What used to be an average of 15 days to hire workers for open jobs (2009) is now taking an average of 27 days (2015), at least according to one (selective) study in the Wall Street Journal. There’s some evidence … Continue reading

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