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An Open Letter to Alberta Canada

Dear Alberta: The CBC says that Albertans think that non-Albertans do not have sympathy for you. Well, I do. But my sympathy goes beyond the masses of people unemployed. My sympathy extends to you in being duped by economists and … Continue reading

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If Tar Sands Aren’t Sustainable Then Neither is Keystone

The Alberta Tar Sands in Canada that are creating all sorts of controversies in the U.S. over the building of the Keystone Pipeline are not sustainable, but for reasons few people think of. They are not economically sustainable. Consider this … Continue reading

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The Oil “Pipe Dream”

While it’s nice to have low oil prices, and thus low gas prices, the fact is that there is an oil price war going on between OPEC and everyone else in the world. OPEC is not happy that the United … Continue reading

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