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Small Town Bringdowns and Economic Failure

There are varying states of “failure” in economics. In Microeconomics for example, we have market failures, which can have almost nuclear effects (as we saw in 2008). On a more Macro level, we can have “failed states,” which are nation-states … Continue reading

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The Economics of Refugees: Canadian Style

One almost cannot open a news site without hearing about Syrian refugees; how we should hate them, how they’re going to take money away from the citizenry, how somehow ISIS and Islam are the same thing (All ISIS members are … Continue reading

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Baltimore: A City Near You (Committing Sociology)

The Justice Policy Institute (PDF) has put together some really interesting facts on Baltimore from Census data. While the facts are shocking to most (or at least should be), the fact not mentioned is that Baltimore is just like the east … Continue reading

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The Economy Equals Wall Street

Some conservative economists from the University of Chicago decided to get their name in the New York Post by claiming that 20% of last quarter’s GDP growth was because of the consumption of Obamacare, thus blaming health insurance for conflated … Continue reading

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Monopoly Power and Human Rights

The Daily Beast reports that Detroit cut off water to residents owing money while NOT cutting off businesses (including the state) that owe millions of more dollars. Detroit’s problem of cutting off a human right – water – is founded … Continue reading

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The Real Hunger Games: Hospital Bread Lines

When we hear about masses of people going hungry, one of the images that may pop into our minds are breadlines. However, a recent paper from a group of Professors at U.C. San Francisco shows that the new bread lines … Continue reading

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The day 1.3 Million People Disappeared

Today is the day that 1.3 million workers will drop off the unemployment rolls because extended unemployment benefits will end. Luckily, or unluckily, we already have a microcosm of what will happen thanks to North Carolina, who decided to end … Continue reading

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