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After the Fall: A Post Trump-ist Society

This is an image from the Chicago Tribune that is indelibly burned into my mind. Yet as much as Trump is analyzed, the true object to think about is not the man, but the people. Win or lose, the people … Continue reading

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Canada’s Unhealthy Obsession with a Balanced Budget

Canada is in the middle of both an election, and a recession. Why Canada is in a recession is obvious, and clear. What is not as clear is why Canada remains obsessed with having a “balanced” budget when it’s obvious … Continue reading

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Sociology’s Internal Conflict: Obstacles and the Publics

In my last post, I discussed some of the problems facing the field of economics, and their contrast to the field of quasi-economic sociology. I also took a swipe at Sociology. I came upon this question: Why aren’t there Sociologists … Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Failure: Racism by the Numbers

I don’t have much to add to the thought-provoking social discussion surrounding the tragedy in Charleston, S.C.; both the shootings and the Confederate Flag debate. Missing from all the discussions however is that racism is NOT just a matter of … Continue reading

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The Super of the Super Powers

Over at Bloomberg View, Noah Smith cites the possibility that Canada has the ability to be the next great superpower., given its natural resources, political institutions and immigration system, if only Canada had a larger population. He does however, paint … Continue reading

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Wage Slavery, Veterans, and Girl Scout Cookies

It seems unlikely that Wage Slavery, Veterans and Girls Scout cookies would go together, but I think that they do. USA Today reports that Ted Cruz’s grand idea to pay for services to Veterans who gave their lives in the … Continue reading

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Baltimore: A City Near You (Committing Sociology)

The Justice Policy Institute (PDF) has put together some really interesting facts on Baltimore from Census data. While the facts are shocking to most (or at least should be), the fact not mentioned is that Baltimore is just like the east … Continue reading

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