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The Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Failure: Racism by the Numbers

I don’t have much to add to the thought-provoking social discussion surrounding the tragedy in Charleston, S.C.; both the shootings and the Confederate Flag debate. Missing from all the discussions however is that racism is NOT just a matter of … Continue reading

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Wage Slavery, Veterans, and Girl Scout Cookies

It seems unlikely that Wage Slavery, Veterans and Girls Scout cookies would go together, but I think that they do. USA Today reports that Ted Cruz’s grand idea to pay for services to Veterans who gave their lives in the … Continue reading

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The History of History

The great thing about the Social Sciences is that no matter what you’re specialty, you almost always get lead to History. There are many different “flavors” to history, such as the history of warfare, or the history of politics. Either … Continue reading

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Slave wages versus wage slavery and Labor Rents

Using some data sets from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, I managed to figure out that a slave would make $3.77 per hour in 2011 dollars if he weren’t a slave. That makes $3.77 per hour the “slave wage”. The … Continue reading

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Economic Numbers Behind Slavery

While I’ve been working on a paper on wage slavery for a Journal out of McGill University (more on that in a minute), there’s a great paper about the economic numbers behind slavery in 2011 dollars. Essentially, in 1859, in … Continue reading

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Some Economics of Slave States

It has been my long-standing thesis that the south has never figured out how to recover economically since the end of slavery. I’m currently working on a socioeconomic model of slavery. However, a paper from the Paris School of Economics … Continue reading

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