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Atomic Social Science: Post-Positivism versus Anti-Science (theoretical)

Sometimes in science you just have to use your imagination. In 1905 Albert Einstein published a paper about how atomic particles move through fluids and what happens to molecules when heat is applied. It was the invention of the term … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Repo Swaps: Canadian Kool Aid Edition

Interest rates are the price for renting money. LIBOR rates is the price banks charge each other for renting money. Contrary to popular belief, the 2008 financial collapse was not initiated by mortgage derivatives, it was initiated by Repos, and … Continue reading

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Quantitative Literacy: The Philosophy of Math (no math required)

As a society, I think we’ve all been conditioned to think of anything mathematical as “truth.” After all, if I have 2 apples, and I eat one, then I only have 1 apple left. Who could argue with that as … Continue reading

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The Symbolic Interaction of Corporate Spin

Usually the idea of symbolic interaction applies to individuals and small group engaging in social interactions. A video surfaced however, of an agent of a Corporation with $6.1 Billion in profits engaging a mass group of employees being told that … Continue reading

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Social Costs of Economic Policy: TPP Edition

There’s a new study out of Tufts University that basically shows that  Trans-pacific Partnership trade deal that many countries have engaged in, including the United States and Canada, will hurt labour. Where and when have we heard this before? As … Continue reading

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OECD Parallel Universes

There’s some Canadian economists that want to know if the Bank of Canada is living in a parallel Universe because they are painting a pretty rose picture of the Canadian economy. But it may not be the Bank of Canada … Continue reading

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Canada’s Voluntary Ignorance

One of the problems with social science is that unlike the natural sciences, it cannot predict the future. Of course economists (a social science) have been trying for centuries to predict the future with fancy math, but they usually fail. … Continue reading

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